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” The Shiva Purana has twenty-four thousand shlokas. These are divided into six samhitas or sections.”
The names of the sectiosn are -

1 – Jnana Samhita,

2 – Vidyeshvara Samhit,

3 – Kailasa Samhita,

4 – Sanatkumar Samhita,

5 – Vayaviya Samhita and

6 – Dharma Samhit.

Each samhita is further subdivided into chapters (Adhyaya).

Jnana Samhita has Seventy-Eight Chapters,
Vidyeshvara Samhita Sixteen Chapters,
Kailasa Samhita Twelve Chapters,
Sanathkumar Samhila Fifty-Nine Chapters,
Vayaviya Samhita Thirty Chapters and
Dharma Samhita Sixty-Five Chapters.

The Shiva Purana was recited by Vedavyasa’s disciple Romaharshana, alternatively, Loma-harshana. Romaharshana and The Other Sages There were many sages who lived in a forest named naimisharanya. One day, these sages accosted Romaharshana and said, Romaharshana, you are blessed.

You have taught us a lot, but we are still not satisfied. You have had the fortune of studying under Vedavyasa and there is nothing that you do not know, past, present or future. Tell us about Shiva, we do not know very much about Shiva.

Romaharshana replied, I will relate to you that which you want to know and i am not going to make anything up. Many years ago, the sage Narada had wanted to find out about Shiva from his father, Brahma. Whatever Brahma had instructed his son. I am going to relate to you.

List of All Chapters
» Story of Brahma » Story of The Linga
» Human Creation » Story of Tarakasura
» The Burning of the God of Love » Parvati Ki Tapasya
» Story of The Marriage » Story of Kartikeya
» Story of Tipura » Sita and the Ketaki Flower
» Story of Ganesha » Ganesha and Kartikeya Quarrel
» Story of Linga » Story of Nandikeshvara Tirtha
» Story of Atrishvara Tirtha » Story of Chandra and Somanatha
» Story of Mallikarjuna » Story of Dushana and Mahakala
» Story of Vindhya and Omkara » Story of Naranarayana and Kedara
» Story of Bhimashankara » Story of Vishvanatha and Varanasi
» Story of Goutama and Trymbaka » Story of Ravana and Vaidyanatha
» Story of Nagesha » Story of Rama and Rameshvara
» Story of Ghushna and Ghushnesha » Story of Arjuna and Shiva
» Story of Sudarshana Chakra » Shiva’s Thousand Names
» Story of Shivarati Vrata » Story of Vedanidhi
» Story of Chandrashekhara » Story of The Ashes
» » Story of Time (yugas)
» story-of-daksha-yajna » Story of Parvati Becomes Gouri
» Story of Upamanyu » Story of Andhakasura
» Hiranyanetra and Hiranyakashipu » andhaka-again
» Story of Ruru » Story of False Parvati
» Story of Yama » Story of Shatanika and Shasranika
» Story of Parashurama » Story of Hells
» Geography » Astronomy
» Manvantaras » Story of Vaivasvata Manu



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