Cow Urine

Cow urine or Goumutra is careful holy in Hindu mythology. Gomutra is used for special propose for its therapy standards. Gomutra can be used for ailments ranging from liver disease to fatness and even tumor. Gomutra also comes in medicine or a ointment diverse with other usual therapeutic herbs and require is at present outstripping deliver. The curative properties of cow manure and cow’s urine are mention in earliest Hindu text and powers that be claim do research conduct by doctors at the cow-protection commission indicate the urine can make well anything from skin diseases, kidney and liver ailments to obesity and heart ailments.

Cow urine or Gomuthra Ark is measured and useful medication for cancer, B.P. diabetes, etc. Cow milk, urine, ghee, curds are important part of any puja and it is understood to purify our heart and our mental body.

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