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In general Hinduism considers God not just as the Supreme All-powerful Gigantic One, Who commands the humanity to tread the way. It says, but also a personal God Whom the individual can worship out of love and not necessarily out of fear. Devotion or bhakti often referred to is a very key concept in Hinduism, even for the philosophically inclined ones. While in the Indian shashtra – be it vedas, Upanishad, purans – describe the Glory of God, one finds abundance of stotras that praise the god in love.

We provide you the complete list of all our Hindu gods.

List of All Hindu Gods
Ganesha Balrama Varuna deva Shani dev
Ram Hanuman Indra Buddha
Shiva Kartikay Surya Agni dev
Kurma Vishnu Yama dev Nandi Ox

As per the Hindu religion, the Supreme Being contains both masculine and feminine traits. The female part is as important as the male part. One has to consider the feminine aspect of the divine, in order to know the ultimate truth. It is believed that all goddesses of the Hindu pantheon are special forms of the divine mother- Shakti. To recognize the feminine aspect, it is necessary to restore wholeness, completeness and universality.

There are many goddesses and local deities in the Hindu mythology. Here we will discuss some of the popular Hindu goddesses

List of All Hindu Goddesses
Annapurna Saraswati Bhuvaneshwari Maya
Shakti Kali Dhanwantari Sita
Dhumavati Durga Ganga Lakshmi
Matangi Bhavani Nandni Parvati
Shailaputri Brahmacharini Kushmanda Skanda Mata
Katyani Maha Gauri Kala Ratri Chandraghanta
Siddhi Dhatri Jagaddhatri Chamunda Jwala Ji
Chitpurna Mata Naina Devi Mahavidya Bhairavi



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